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Angular JS

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jQuery Mobile

JQuery Mobile Angular Adapter

AngularJS? What about?

There are a lot of MVC/MVVM frameworks out there!

Cool Stuff About AngularJS

Why I Looked At It

A Caveat with JQuery Mobile Angular Adapter

Show Me Something Already

OK, here are some quick samples:

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What Is in the Tin

Multiple models/views per page

So you can have as many independent model/view interactions on a page as you like

jQuery mobile integration

If you can live with the version binding that is required, it is a nice MVC package for jqm

2-way data binding

This is sort of a bar that any respectable client-side MVC framework should get over

Shared controllers

These are nice, they let you share state across multiple controllers for things like logged-in sessions

Routing with HTML5 pushState

Goodbye hashbang! Huzzah!

User-definable and composable services

It is very easy to write a service to wrap an AJAX call into/out of a model class

Thank you!

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